Rogue Heroes: fast-paced 2D action-platforming roguelike game

Hello everyone.

Today I’m happy to announce my new game called “Rogue Heroes”!

This is awesome fast-paced 2D action-platforming roguelike game, which features such cool stuff as:

  • Randomly generated levels
  • Character progression
  • Inventory system with set bonuses
  • Experience system
  • Upgrades
  • Minibosses
  • Quests
  • Secret rooms
  • Duration-over-time bonuses
  • “EPIC” story-line
  • Permadeath

The game will be released later this month for all leading mobile platforms: iOS, Android and WP8. More info will be available pretty soon, so stay tuned!

Check out the video trailer and screenshots below. Have a good day!

rogue_heroesScreenshot_2014-05-11-17-36-36 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-39-32 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-40-41 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-41-58 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-42-06 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-42-15 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-42-35 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-42-45 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-43-01 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-43-20 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-43-48 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-48-25 Screenshot_2014-04-20-04-05-54 Screenshot_2014-04-20-04-08-03 Screenshot_2014-04-20-04-11-16 Screenshot_2014-04-21-22-24-50 Screenshot_2014-04-21-22-25-49 Screenshot_2014-04-21-22-27-11 Screenshot_2014-04-21-22-29-00 Screenshot_2014-04-22-01-07-30 Screenshot_2014-05-01-23-16-14 Screenshot_2014-05-05-15-30-16 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-30-17 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-30-51 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-31-28 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-32-24 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-32-53 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-33-37 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-34-25 Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-36-04



about 5 years ago

I see this was released for ios. When do you plan on releasing for android?


Peter Shoferistov

about 5 years ago

In a first half of May. Maybe even sooner


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