Rogue Heroes has been released on the AppStore.. not for a long time.

Hello everybody.

Got some news!

The good one: Rogue Heroes has been finally released on the AppStore.

And the bad one: I’ve already got some complains. Here is the most common ones:

- about game difficulty: a lot of players want to save their progress even after permanent death
- about obstacle randomization: some areas are too hard to pass
- about game controls
- about character graphics

Because of that I’ve decided to pull the game from the AppStore for a few weeks, until the new update will be released. It will fix most of the complains (including some graphics) and contain some new content.

I apologize for inconveniences and I’ll do my best to change cons to pros in future updates.

Thank you for understanding.

Android and Windows Phone versions will be available soon after the AppStore release.