When the world needs a hero and there is no one out there, he comes to the rescue. Agent Solid. He is not a human, he is a natural born Snake. He seeks and eliminates any target on his way. And eats it.

Play as a snake aka special operative with the only one mission: to get rid of the target.

As in a regular snake game you are going to eat. And grow up. But in this game, when you grow, your experience differs:

  • small and hungry snake can go into a small vent holes and tight places.
  • medium snake is in a good fit. can reach the buttons to interact with a world.
  • large snake is a killer. Can eat anything, including your favorite sofa or antique table. No remorse! Note: eatable food are highlighted


  • Boxes! Yes, yes. You can crawl in the boxes my friend.
  • Patrolling enemies. Be cautious, can trigger the alarm.
  • Special objectives such as classic silent assassination. i.e. cut the wire and drop that huge chandelier into an enemies head. Who did that? Not me.
  • Snake also can jump to reach some hard-to-reach places. Woah! Was that unexpected?
  • Evac like a Boss! After eliminating the target, fly away using your personal copter. As you-know-who.

Software used: Unreal Engine 4 + ufsm, Qubicle, Maya, Aseprite

Controls: W – move forward Shift – sprint Space – jump Left Mouse Button – interact / attack an enemy

Created during Kyiv Indies Game Jam / Ludum Dare 41 Event in 48 hours (solo)

Kyiv Indies Game Jam Awards:

  • Best Compo Game
  • Audience Choice

Ludum Dare: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/41/solid-snake